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(動画)Toru Reviews 匙を投げるな!(Short ver.) / NMB48 team BII[公式]


Original Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFm64-qZHRI&t=10s
NMB48 18thシングル「欲望者」Type-Cに収録 2018年4月4日(水)発売!
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The name of the song is don’t drop the saja or anything tiny and cute or a spoon. Spoon as tiny and Cute. Japan!! Of course in this case it has to be spoon slash anything tiny and cute because our first shot is a spoon dropping. Hey you dropped the Saja! Okay The girls are working their teen job that a normal teen would work at like the restaurant business I have been there done that. The teen job was always a place where you are away from school or church or even family you work as a team to get the job done a lot like an Idol group. We get the cute little girl moving her lips in timing with the video and music. We have some filtering effects here The video is kind of trying to do the video 80’s thing going on which became popular for a while in american pop. We see our girls making Mistakes ((Happy Accidents)) Shut up Bob Ross! We all remember being a teen in those days of burning the burger and then serving them and customers complaining about tasting Like Shoe Leather and I am like how do you know what shoe leather taste like? Maybe they were giving me a compliment. The girls are dancing in the Kitchen this is why your burger is burnt and probably dropping the spoon in the process. We get what looks Like a 3d effect with the girl taking an order with a huge overly sized funny Prop Pencil. Of course this girl take the order and is she really young enough to be in this group. We have a small story of girls wanting a certain number order or something How many Girls are in this group again? No don’t drink the mustard you have so much to live for have plus that will be title of the next song Don’t Drink the Mustard. So we get a great 3d effect at ratio 480 nice! We get some dancing again. We get what looks like some angry girls at the tables. Unchoreographed Dancing! More Cool 3d effects! Kay back to our story where the girls want the food taken back now I do not like these girls they seem mean that is the idea Right? Oh now these are girl are just mean they do not want what looks like some great food here !!! Hey these whores won’t take the food!! Okay finally it seems the girl has gotten it right! Another awesome 3d effect I really Like this one! Our Girls celebrate around the register.
A 3d shot of our girl losing her mind! More Dancing and that ends the video! I like this video the effects are neat and some are great we are not looking at a touring promo here this is going back to Idol videos of why we fell in love with them in the first place a small story and a great background and random things happening.
As far as music this is Rock pop and it is good electric guitars that are actually played and pop electronic in the background and it is does not feel like processed music ran through the midi or written by an AI it is fun poppy rock that we remember from the good ole days. We get changes of course in verses and in the bridge and a nice acoustic guitar fill in one time in the song that sounds really cool this is a winner for me. I like the melody harmony of woo hoo to keep my attention and act like a rhythm percussion. This is the short version and I like It I cannot tell how I would feel about the Longer version. There are guitar licks like in a Rock song and I Do not care that the girls did the music or not but at least it does not feel like the Marching band corporate crap of the past so Kudos to Nmb48 team b 2 for a good Job as far as lyrics they have not been posted yet but I feel it has to do with not dropping the spoon Hey But I would like you to drop your finger on the subscribe or click the Mouse to see and hear more reviews right here on the Toru Takanuru Channel Like Subscribe and Cher!




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